My concept of the "gold, silver and restoration" courses is that the pieces that students will make will be of more value than the cost of the lessons. In order to achieve this classes will be small allowing constant and individual attention to each student. I want students to leave the first lesson with a finished piece of jewellery or silverware.


Time : 3 hours
Students : Maximum 2
Cost : 85,00 euros per person including materials
In the introductory lesson you will be introduced to almost all the techniques involved in making a piece of simple jewellery or silverware. These include, casting silver, drawing wire, soldering and polishing. At the end of 3 hours you will leave with a silver ring or a silver bottle stop.
Time : 10 lessons of 3 hours each
Students : Maximum 2
Cost : 525,00 euros per person excluding materials
Here the choice of what you want to make if yours. It could be anything from a gold signet ring to a pair of silver candlesticks, a christening mug or a silver bracelet, so long as it is finished within the 10 lessons. You could also spend the time learning to restore your own silver.

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